We specialise in the creation of:

Featured projects

Ferratum Slovakia

Risk assessment
  • client risk assessment
  • integration with the central registry of debtors
  • transition towards new GDPR
  • payment management
  • integration with core banking systems
  • integration of payment methods
  • integrace Lending API for partners
  • user interface for partner management
  • user interface for loans and client management


AeronMatch.com is a platform connecting supply and demand for jobs in the IT sector. To this end, advanced algorithms are employed in order to match job offers with candidates who meet the skill requirements specified in the offer.

Českomoravská společnost chovatelů

  • A system developed for the laboratory of immunogenetics to help verify origins of animals by their DNA.
  • A mobile app for rating cows on the location.
  • A system for milk monetization
  • A system for calculation of breeding values


  • The development of SW tools for creating visualization applications for rail vehicles.
  • The development of applications for control panels of rail vehicles.
  • The development of applications for software diagnostics/updates
  • The development of SW library for data exchange in rail vehicles
  • The development of SW modules for rail vehicles control systems

Asseco OCB

Omnichannel is an electronic banking platform for Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) in Vietnam.


  • An internet banking system for corporate clients
  • Central authentication and authorization server

ROI Hunter

A platform for management of ads on Facebook. It contains user-friendly interface, data store, Facebook Ads API integration and Google Analytics API.

Our clients

I have been working with Favorlogic since 2014. I decided to entrust them with the complete realization of my vision - a unique start-up project employing advanced algorithms. Though it hasn't always been easy, we managed to plow through several changes of the business model and eventually succeeded in releasing the final version of AeronMatch.com platform.

Bart Van Mol

CEO, AeronMatch.com
A well-designed information system created by Favorlogic allowed for a significant increase in work effectiveness in our company and in turn added profits as well. It is clear that Favorlogic's developers pay close attention to their work and strive to come up with the most optimal solutions.

Jiří Přibyl

Founder, oddlužtemě.cz
I want to share my impression of the cooperation with Favorlogic which took 6 months. We have realized one important development project across the globe. I was really surprised how Favorlogic has clear customer understanding and approach. They were fully focused to delivery, self-management and always could identified risks or challanges to be mitigated or solved. Favorlogic has great and unique technical knowledge. Thanks a lot! I have learnt from you a lot and it was my pleassure to be with you in one team. Thanks:)

Petra Crhák

Senior program manager, Tieto
Favorlogic has developed a software for creating visualization applications for rail vehicles. We have been making use of Favorlogic's services for the development of applications for control panels on a regular basis and have always been satisfied.

Jiří Liberda

Managing director, Lokel


  • Custom software development

    Favorlogic offers custom application solutions from functional analysis to service and development in production environment. We have experience with development of various applications in the fields of e-commerce, marketing, banking, ERP, human resources, animal breeding and others.
  • Development team available for outsourcing

    Favorlogic offers a team of experienced developers for hire. Our developers are specialized in either front-end (Angular, React) or back-end (Java). For the implementation of an entire system a combination of both specializations is required.
  • Mobile apps

    Favorlogic offers development of mobile applications. We make use of JavaScript and React Native technologies. Owing to this, we can develop native applications for Android and iOS.
  • Service and development

    Favorlogic offers service and development of released applications in their production environment. We provide services for a guaranteed response period of time specified in the SLA. Applications are either run on an infrastructure provided by the customer or on the cloud under professional supervision.
  • Consultations

    Favorlogic offers consultations in the fields of analysis, development, and software service. We are specialist in single-page applications developed in Java, React and Angular.

Industries served

  • Banking and finances

    We are involved in the development of banking and financial systems. We pay close attention to our work to ensure that its results are precise and flawless.
  • Information systems

    Our systems run reliably in small companies and multinational corporations, helping both in making their businesses more effective.
  • Human resources

    We have been developing an international platform connecting needs and demands in the sector of IT experts.
  • E-commerce

    We are experienced in ad management, Google Analytics integration and Facebook Ads API.
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